UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES 2004/05 Basic Information

This information is subject to change and was last updated on 01/08/04.


The 2004/05 Season (Season 2) of UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES runs 09/17/04 (week of 09/13/04) through 09/11/05. UNEXPLAINED MYESTERIES has nine day window that runs 10pm Friday through the following Sunday. Each episode must be broadcast twice during the nine day window.


UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES is a one-hour, satellite fed, weekly show. There are two feeds on the Wednesday before the window begins.


UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES is closed captioned and in stereo.


UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES is scheduled by Paramount.


UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES is rated by Paramount and carries a TV Ratings icon. It will usually be rated TV-PG.


UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Generic Format (14 minutes commercial time; 7 minutes National, 7 minutes Local.)

Show Open/Segment 1


Break 1

2:02 National

Segment 2



:20 In Show Promo



CC Bumper, :10 CC Fee Spot, Bumper




Break 2

1:01 National


Break 2

2:02 Local

Segment 3



2 :10 Fee Spots, Bumper




Break 3

2:32 Local

Segment 4




Break 4

2:02 National

Segment 5



:20 In Show Promo




Break 5

2:02 National

Segment 6



2 :10 Fee Spots, Bumper




Break 6

2:32 Local

Segment 7



End Credits






Total Run Time



Local End Break




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