STAR TREK: VOYAGER (NON BARTER) 2004/05 Basic Information

This information is subject to change and was last updated on 01/08/04.


The STAR TREK: VOYAGER 48 month Back-End Exhibition Barter Term concluded 09/14/03. It is followed by a 16 month non-barter term, which for most stations will run 09/15/03 through 01/12/05. Some deals may have shorter or longer license terms or may not include the non-barter period.


The non-barter term is essentially a cash library period. All episodes were delivered in 2003 for stations to record and library during this period.


Stations are responsible for their own scheduling. There are six runs available per episode during the FULL license term. Any of these runs not used during the barter term may be scheduled by the station. To be clear, the limit is not six runs per episode during the non-barter period of 09/15/03 through 01/12/05. The limits is six runs per episode during the full license term of 09/13/99 through 01/12/05. Stations are responsible for tracking their usage during the full license term, even while the show was scheduled by Paramount.


There are 172 episodes in syndication.


STAR TREK: VOYAGER is closed captioned and in stereo.


STAR TREK: VOYAGER is fed with pulled-up local blacks. The non-barter episodes have the same program runtime and are formatted the same as the barter versions. They do not have national commercials, fee spots, or promos.


STAR TREK: VOYAGER was rated by Paramount using the expanded ratings system. A ratings list is available but the non-barter masters do not have a TV Ratings icon.


Generic Format


Open, Break 1




Act 1, Break 2




Act 2, Break 3




Act 3, Break 4




Act 4, Break 5




Act 5, Break 6




End Credits



Total Run Time 

(Eps 101 – 220) 45:19 

(Eps 221 – 272) 44:10 


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