Number of episodes available

41 (30-minutes)

Number of seasons aired


Years produced


Network aired on



First-Run Syndication/Sci-Fi Channel

Number of episodes available

80 (60-minutes)


Also as 160 (30-minutes)

Number of seasons aired


Years produced


Network aired on

First Run Synd/Sci-Fi Channel


The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 11/16/09.


This series is closed-captioned for some episodes and is in stereo.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for some episodes.

This series has not been transferred into HD.




Sightings is packaged in two groups, and both have been re-edited into different runtime versions.


The first edition of Sightings aired on the Fox Network from 1991 - 1993 and consists of 41 30-minute episodes. The first 6 of these (101&102, 103&104, 105&106) originally aired as 1-hour episodes and are also available in that version.


The second edition of Sightings aired for 4 seasons. The first 2 seasons aired in First-Run Syndication from 1994 - 1996 and consist of 52 episodes. The last 48 premiered in broadcast while the last 4 premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel. The third and fourth seasons aired on the Sci-Fi Channel from 1996-1998. The third season consists of 18 1-hour episodes. The fourth season consists of 5 2-hour specials, later aired as 10 1-hour episodes. The total for this edition of Sightings is 80 hours, also available as 160 30-minute episodes.


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