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The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 01/05/17.


This series is closed-captioned for network (partial) and syndication (all episodes) and is mono.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network.

This series has been transferred into HD and has the following masters:

 Network 4x3 HD (138* 30min, 18 60min) – 5 might be unavailable for broadcast.

 *includes upconversions of the 6 episodes that were originally produced on videotape.






Beta SP



The 1/2-hour syndication version of Twilight Zone has three, two-minute breaks and a average program runtime of 22:15. Internal commercial load is 6 minutes (12 :30-second spots) plus local end break.

The 1-hour syndication episodes have six, two-minute breaks and a average program runtime of 46:30. Internal commercial load is 12 minutes (24 :30-second spots) plus local end break.


Syndication version timing sheets are available. Generic formats are available:

Twilight Zone 1/2-hr Generic Format

Twilight Zone 1-hr Generic Format



Episodes from the fourth season (1962-63, although the season actually premiered 1/3/63) were all one hour long, and are numbered separately from the half-hour episodes. Thus Season Three ends with episode 102, and episode 103 was the first in Season Five, with the 18 hour-long episodes coming between them. 138 half-hour episodes, and 18 1-hour episodes were produced.

One of the 1-hour episodes (008-H) and four of the half-hour episodes (114, 125, 130 and 133) were not previously available for domestic syndication but may be now. A 25th Anniversary special was aired in 1984 and included three of these episodes: 008, 113, and 130.


In Season Two, six episodes were produced on videotape rather than film - these are noted in the title list.


Two follow-up series and a movie were produced. The first series ran on CBS and Syndication from 1985 through 1989. The second ran on UPN from 2002 through 2003. The film was released in 1983. None are included in this syndication package.


The special “Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics” was aired May 19th, 1994. It consisted of new productions of two unproduced Serling scripts. It is not included in the syndication package.




 1st Season (1959-1960)

 2nd Season (1960-1961)

 3rd Season (1961-1962)

 4th Season (1963-1964) (hour-long episode – different numbering system)

 5th Season (1963-1964)