Number of episodes produced

24 (Season 1, 60-minute episodes)

19 (Season 2, 30-minute episodes)

30 (Season 3, 30-minute episodes)

Number of 30-minute Syndication episodes


Number of seasons aired


Years produced


Network carried on

CBS (Seasons 1 & 2)


Syndication (Season 3)


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This series has not been transferred into HD.









This 1985 revival is also known as The New Twilight Zone



The first season aired as 1-hour episodes on CBS, with each episode containing multiple stories. The second season aired as 30-minute episodes on CBS; two of these episodes were composed of two short stories, while the remaining 17 contained just a one story. A third season aired in syndication with new 30-minute episodes, all comprised of just one story.

The first two seasons were also repackaged into 30-minute versions, creating a syndication package of 94 30-minute episodes. At least 5 stories are apparently not included in the syndication package. Those story production numbers are: 16, 41, 51, 58, 61.


OPIS numbering:

Original Network production seasons 1 & 2 are listed under NEW TWILIGH: 1001 through 1024 and 2025 through 2043.

Syndication version episodes for 1 through 64 are listed in OPIS under NEW TWILI S:1001 through 1064. Syndication episodes 65 through 94 are the same as production season 3, and are listed under NEW TWILIGH:3043 through 3073.



Syndication Listing

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