Number of episodes available:

220 (255 hours)

(1-hour Episodes, not including 2-parters)


(1-hour Episodes, including 2-parters)


(90-Minute Episodes)

8 (12 hours)

(2-Hour Episodes)

31 (62 hours)

Number of season aired:


Years produced:


Network carried on:



The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 03/18/19.


This series is closed-captioned for network (partial) and is mono.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network.

This series has been partially transferred into HD and has the following masters:

 Network 4x3 HD (Seasons 1 – 9, 217 episodes, 249 hours. Only the 3 episodes of Season 10 have not been transferred.)










Network or Synd

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134 episodes were retransferred in 2001 as Network version. Additional episodes were transferred in 2011. Some also have updated syndication versions in standard def only. Some episodes that were not retransferred also have older syndication versions. The updated 1 Hour syndication version of The Love Boat has six, 20-second pulled-up breaks and an average program runtime of 46:30. Internal commercial load is 12 minutes (24 :30-second spots) plus local end break. Timing sheets are not currently available. A generic format is available.

 The Love Boat 1 Hour Generic Format


The 90 Minute syndication version of The Love Boat has eight or nine 20-second pulled-up breaks and an average program runtime of 70:30 to 74:00. A generic format is available.

 The Love Boat 90 Minute Generic Format


A generic format is not currently available for the 2 Hour episodes.


Note: The Love Boat has 31, 2-hour episodes. All are available as two-part, 1-hour episodes (62 total.) 2-hour episodes are: K-17, K-31, K-39, K-54, K-60, K-62, K-76, K-77, K-87, T-01, T-11, T-15, KU-9, LB-128, LB-130, LB-131, LB-132. LB-160, LB-161, LB-162, LB-163, LB-182, LB-183, LB-184, LB-195, LB-203, LB-204, LB-205, LN-218, LB-219, LB-220.


 Eight 90-minute episodes were produced: #'s K-34, K-43, K-77, K-80, K-82, T-05, LB-129, LB-185.


 Only three 2-hour episodes were produced for the 10th season: LOVE BOAT: THE CHRISTMAS CRUISE, LOVE BOAT: THE SHIPSHAPE CRUISE, and LOVE BOAT: WHO KILLED MAXWELL THORN? These three episodes are sometimes broken out from the series as separate MOW’s, but are included in the totals for this episode listing.


 Many episodes were re-edited into half-hour versions for syndication. These special breakdowns are not reflected on this title list.


 Four 2-hour MOW's were produced outside of the series. The 1976 pilot "The Love Boat", the 1977 follow-ups "The Love Boat II" and "The Love Boat III", and the 1989 "Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage". These features are not included in The Love Boat package totals.



 1st Season (1977-1978)

 2nd Season (1978-1979)

 3rd Season (1979-1980)

 4th Season (1980-1981)

 5th Season (1981-1982)

 6th Season (1982-1983)

 7th Season (1983-1984)

 8th Season (1984-1985)

 9th Season (1985-1986)

 10th Season (1986-1987)