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The Honeymooners is closed-captioned for syndication and network and is mono.

(New) Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes is closed-captioned for syndication and is mono.

This series does not have Latin American Spanish tracks.

The Honeymooners has been transferred into HD and has the following masters:

 Network 4x3 HD (39 episodes)

New) Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes has not been transferred into HD.








The syndication version of The Honeymooners has three two-minute breaks and an average program runtime of 23:24. Internal commercial load is 5 minutes (10 :30-second breaks) plus local end break.

The Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes (aka The New Honeymooners) follows the same format and has an average program runtime of 22:30. Internal commercial load is 6 minutes (12 :30-second breaks) plus local end break.


Syndication version timing sheets are available. A generic format for each is available.

 The Honeymooners Generic Format

 The Honeymooners Lost Episodes Generic Format


All episodes of Honeymooners are black and white.



The characters in The Honeymooners were first introduced by Jackie Gleason in a series of sketches on several variety shows in the early 1950s. Their popularity led to the production of a separate half-hour series in the 1955-56 season, now syndicated under the title The Honeymooners. In 1986, Showtime, Viacom's cable network, decided to compile a new package, to be called The Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes (a.k.a. The New Honeymooners), comprised of re-edited kinescopes and tapes of sketches involving the characters done on other variety shows before and after the half-hour series. Showtime characterized these as "lost" episodes, although they were not so much "lost" as merely unseen for 30 years. Some sketches were as short as a few minutes, and some filled the full hour-long format of the show on which they were originally done. These were split into two-parters for The Honeymooners. The "original airdates" included here for The Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes are the dates of the original shows from which the sketches have been derived. Please note that there is some question of the exact content and original air date of New Honeymooners episode 8626.


As previously stated, The Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes were transferred from kinescopes.



 1st Season (1955-1956)

 The Honeymooners, The Lost Episodes