Syndication Bible

·      TAPE FORMATS - Series may be available in one or more of the following tape formats for library or for dubbing (book & dub):



  Beta SP 


·      FEES - Your contract may have specific instructions on library or booking fees. Please note that some series are only available via satellite. Series may sometimes be ordered for library in tape formats other than those listed above. Prices and availability would be on a case-by-case basis. "Used" libraries may be available for some series. This would also be on a case-by-case basis, depending on inventory and age of stock.


·      BOOKING REQUESTS - Please include the following information on all series booking requests:




  TAPE SIZE (1", 3/4", or Beta SP) If you request Beta SP, you should also include a second choice.

  AUDIO (Mono or Stereo)



 It is also helpful if you include the following:




·      SHIPPING SCHEDULES - Stations do not need to send booking requests for servicing of new deals. CTD/CBS Worldwide Distribution will set up a schedule for tape delivery after we have been contacted by the station and the deal has been approved.


·      RETURN OF TAPES - The Standard Terms and Conditions of your contract have instructions on the time allowed for return of tapes. Please make sure that tapes are returned to the correct address. A return address sticker for Bonded Archives should be on all tapes (this sticker should not be confused with the vendor label indicating where the dub was made.) Nearly all CASH series episodes are shipped from Bonded Archives in Burbank.


Please contact CTD/CBS Worldwide Distribution at 212-975-8139 with any questions.