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The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 01/29/13.


The complete series is closed-captioned and is mono.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network (approximately 250 episodes).

This series has been transferred into HD and has the following masters:

 Network 4x3 HD







1 Tape



¾” Tape



Beta SP Tape



The syndication version of Perry Mason has six, two-minute breaks and an average program runtime of 46:20. Internal commercial load is 12 minutes (24 :30-second spots) plus the local end break.


The New Perry Mason episodes have six, one-minute breaks. Some episodes have a 3 second bumper, others do not. The program runtime varies from 50:00 to 51:30. Internal commercial load ranges from 8 minutes 30 seconds to 10 minutes (17 to 20 :30-second spots.)


Timing sheets are available for both packages. A generic format for each is available.

 Perry Mason Generic Format

 New Perry Mason Generic Format



Note: This series is offered by Viacom in two different packages–Perry Mason and New Perry Mason. New Perry Mason is comprised of 76 episodes culled from the last four seasons of the regular series. The term “New” for the New Perry Mason package does not refer to an actual new or updated version of the Perry Mason series; it was merely Viacom’s way of differentiating between the two packages.


One episode (#6521 “The Case of the Twice Told Twist”) is in color. All other episodes were produced Black & White.


 Included in this section are three lists. The first is a complete listing of all 271 Perry Mason episodes. Those that have been repackaged as New Perry Mason are marked as NewPM.


 The second list includes only the 195 episodes currently sold as Perry Mason. The third list includes only the 76 episodes currently sold as New Perry Mason.


 There is a separate feature package called Perry Mason Features. These 30 movies of the week, made between 1985 and 1994, were not produced as part of the original series and are not included here.


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