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NBC (1986-1992), then ABC (1992-1995)


The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 05/02/13.


This series is closed-captioned for network and syndication and is in stereo.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network.

This series has not been transferred into HD.


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The syndication version of Matlock has six, two-minute breaks and a standardized program runtime of 46:18. Internal commercial load is 12 minutes (24 :30-second spots) plus local end break.

Syndication version timing sheets are available. A generic format is available for the one-hour episodes. Most of the Matlock features also have two-minute breaks, but there is not a standard format.

 Matlock Generic Format (One-Hour Episodes)




Thirty-two two-hour episodes were produced for this series, either as two-parters or as two-hour "movies of the week." All of these are available in syndication edited both as movies and as two-part, one-hour episodes.


The numbering system for Matlock is based on original airdates and is rather complicated. Those that were originally produced in two parts have two separate episode numbers but share a common title (e.g.: 8606 THE DON PART 1 and 8607 THE DON PART 2); the feature versions of these episodes are listed by title and have no episode numbers (e.g.: MATLOCK THE DON.) Those originally produced as features have only one episode number, broken into parts 1 and 2 for the one-hour versions (e.g.: 8701-1 THE BILLIONAIRE PART 1 and 8701-2 THE BILLIONAIRE PART 2); the feature versions of these episodes are listed by the original episode number (e.g.: 8701 THE BILLIONAIRE.)


Matlock has been sold as several different packages. Currently the series is separated as follows: Seasons One thru Six (the "NBC Episodes") and Seasons Seven thru Nine (the "ABC Episodes.) These are sometimes subdivided into one-hour episodes and two-part or two-hour episodes ("Matlock Features.)


The Complete Matlock:


137 Hour Episodes produced from 1986-1992 and originally aired on NBC

(a) 95 One-Hour Episodes

(b) 21 Two-Hour Episodes (or 42 two-part, one-hour episodes)

58 Hour Episodes produced from 1992-1995 and originally aired on ABC

(a) 36 One-Hour Episodes

(b) 11 Two-Hour Episodes (or 22 two-part, one-hour episodes)



 Holiday and Theme Episodes

 1st Season (1986-1987)

 2nd Season (1987-1988)

 3rd Season (1988-1989)

 4th Season (1989-1990)

 5th Season (1990-1991)

 6th Season (1991-1992)

 7th Season (1992-1993)

 8th Season (1993-1994)

 9th Season (1994-1995)

 Two-hour Features