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The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 08/17/10.


This package is closed-captioned for syndication and is mono.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network.

See primary Hawaii Five-O listing for HD information. (Current HD transfers are not related to the syndication packaging except for the 22 episodes noted below.)


DISTRIBUTION OPTIONS (209 Digital Re-transferred Episodes)



Beta SP Tape*


*175 of the episodes are also available on 1” and 3/4” tape.


The syndication version of Hawaii Five-O 209 Digital has six, two-minute breaks and a standardized program runtime of 46:30. Internal commercial load is 12 minutes (24 :30-second breaks) plus local end break.

A special 41:00 runtime HD syndication version with 5 internal breaks was created for episodes 6801 through 6822 (22 total.) These masters include closed captioning, but there is not currently a book & dub inventort.


Syndication version timing sheets are available. A generic format is available for the one-hour episodes. The two-hour features have 20 second, pulled-up blacks and a varying number of breaks; there is not a standard format.



Beginning in September 1997, Hawaii Five-O will be repackaged as a single group of 175 episodes. This includes 174 episodes culled from the original 282, and 1 episode that was previously unavailable. Referred to as Hawaii Five-O (175 Digital), this new package consists of both regular one-hour episodes and two-part, one-hour episodes that have been digitally re-mastered. The remaining 108 episodes have not been re-mastered and are only be available to service pre-existing deals.

Effective July 2005, 34 additional episodes were digitally re-mastered and edited for syndication. This changed the totals to 209 Digital and 74 non-digital.


Eleven two-hour episodes were produced for this series, either as two-parters or as two-hour "movies of the week." All of these are available in syndication edited both as movies and as two-part, one-hour episodes.


The numbering system for Hawaii Five-O is based on original airdates and is rather complicated. Those that were originally produced in two parts have two separate episode numbers but share a common title (e.g.: 6824 COCOON PART 1 and 6825 COCOON PART 2); the feature versions of these episodes are listed by title and have no episode numbers (e.g.: HAWAII FIVE-O COCOON.) Those originally produced as features have only one episode number, broken into parts 1 and 2 for the one-hour versions (e.g.: 7601-1 NINE DRAGONS PART 1 and 7601-2 NINE DRAGONS PART 2); the feature versions of these episodes are listed by the original episode number (e.g., 7601 NINE DRAGONS.)


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