Number of episodes available




Number of seasons aired


Years produced

2000 - 2008

Network on which originally aired

UPN (Seasons 1 – 6)


The CW (Season 7 - 8)


The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 05/02/08.


This series is closed-captioned for network and syndication and is in stereo.

This series has Latin American Spanish tracks for network.

This series has been transferred into HD beginning with Season 3 and has the following masters:

 Network 4x3 HD (beginning with #70)

 Network 16x9 HD (beginning with #45)








Completed syndication versions have only been created for episodes 001 through 115. Edited syndication masters have been created for 116 through 122, but not with closed captioning. Network versions for the more recent production seasons run short so most will be close to the syndication format and runtime.


The syndication version of Girlfriends has three pulled-up breaks and a program runtime of approximately 20:54. Internal commercial load is 7 minutes 30 seconds (15 :30-second spots) plus local end break.


Syndication version timing sheets are available for episodes 001 through 122. A generic format is available.



Holiday and Theme Episodes

1st Season (2000-2001)

2nd Season (2001-2002)

3rd Season (2002-2003)

4th Season (2003-2004)

5th Season (2004-2005)

6th Season (2005-2006)

7th Season (2006-2007)

8th Season (2007-2008)