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The information in this package is subject to change and was last updated 01/24/12.


This series is closed-captioned for syndication and network and is in stereo.

This series has Network version Latin American Spanish masters.

This series has been transferred into HD and has the following masters:

 Network and Syndication 4x3 Anamorphic HD

 16x9 Tilt &Scan HD exists for 87 episodes. 86 episodes (1-77, 80, 83, 84, 88, 90-94) have Network 16x9, but not Syndication. An additional episode #79 has a 16x9 Syndication version but not one for Network. The remaining episodes do not have 16x9 versions.





1 Tape (not new transfers)


¾” Tape (not new transfers)


Beta SP Tape



The syndication version of Cheers has three, two-minute breaks and a program runtime of 22:10. Internal commercial load is 6 minutes (12 :30-second spots) plus local end break.


Syndication version timing sheets are available. A generic format is available.


Stereo episodes begin with #71 for the old transfers. All episodes are stereo in the retransferred inventory.


Retransfer Project

Cheers was retransferred and remastered during 2001 and 2002. All 275 remastered episodes were fed via satellite at that time. All mono episodes were upgraded to stereo. The new inventory is only available for book & dub in BetaSP tape. Other formats will need to be purchased for library at lab cost. The pre-retransfer inventory of 1” and ¾” will still be available for book & dub.


Digital NTSC 4x3 inventory is available for library at lab cost. Hi Def 4x3 tape is also available for purchase at lab cost. Please consult CTD/CBS Worldwide Distribution for specifics.



Special Considerations in Scheduling Episodes


In episode 060 (Rescue Me) Diane calls Sam from Europe to tell him that she and Frasier are going to be married. At the end of the episode Sam is on a plane to Italy hoping to arrive in time to stop the wedding. This episode was the cliff-hanger ending of the third season.


Episode 070 (Birth, Death, Love & Rice), the first of the fourth season, resolves the situation between Diane and Sam. This episode also deals briefly with the death of coach by introducing the character of Woody Boyd.


Because of the references to Coachs death, all episodes numbered lower than 070 should be played prior to 070 with episode 060 being the last episode to play before episode 070.



 Holiday and Theme Episodes

 1st Season (1982-1983)

 2nd Season (1983-1984)

 3rd Season (1984-1985)

 4th Season (1985-1986)

 5th Season (1986-1987)

 6th Season (1987-1988)

 7th Season (1988-1989)

 8th Season (1989-1990)

 9th Season (1990-1991)

 10th Season (1991-1992)

 11th Season (1992-1993)