PATHFIRE Announcement


Following is text from the May 10th notice that was sent by Pathfire:


Paramount, King World, and Viacom Video Services are pleased to inform you that they have reached an agreement with Pathfire for the delivery of their syndicated programming via the Pathfire DMG system.


Programs such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Montel Williams, Judge Judy, Dr. Phil and many more are scheduled to begin arriving via the Pathfire DMG system in your facility beginning the Fall of 2004.


The benefits of Pathfire delivered content within your station include:


* Operational savings in manpower needed to move dishes, setup routers, load tapes, prepare programs, and maintain tape machines.

* Long-term capital savings in tape machine replacements, router capacity and satellite dishes.

* Metadata associated with the digital content, such as frame-accurate timing information, is automatically delivered with the content and is available to any desktop within the station.

* High quality digital delivery of programming – removal of the analog satellite transmission step. The content can now remain in digital form without interruption from the content provider all the way to your transmitter.


In order to ensure that we configure the Pathfire equipment at your station correctly, promptly, and with minimal disruption to you and your daily operation, we need your input. You will be receiving, via e-mail, a Web link to a Station Survey. It is important that you complete this Web-based survey as soon as possible to ensure that your station is ready for the transition to Pathfire. You will also be receiving an IRD which will be used as the redundant option for the Pathfire DMG content and to accommodate live and day-and-date programming.


We look forward to serving your station’s digital content delivery needs. If you have technical questions about the upcoming configuration activities for the Pathfire system in your facility, please call Pathfire's support hotline at 1-888-345-0489, press option 6, send an email to, visit the Pathfire support website, or call Myra Cole, Viacom Video Services’ Director of Technical Operations at 1-212-975-2728.      

If you have any general (non-technical) questions about the transition to Pathfire, you can contact the Paramount CTD/CBS Worldwide Distribution at 1-212-975-8139.