THE PARKERS 2003/04 Basic Information

This information is subject to change and was last updated on 11/04/03.


The 2003/04 Season (Syndication Year One) of THE PARKERS runs 09/15/03 through 09/12/04. The full license term is 156 weeks and ends 09/10/06.



Seven episodes are delivered per week as follows:

THE PARKERS is delivered via satellite. It is a half-hour show delivered on a "Stripped Basis" airing 5 days a week Monday thru Friday AND as two Weekend episodes. (Stations air 7 episodes a week.) Each of the five weekly THE PARKERS Strip episodes is fed twice, one business day before air. Each weekend episode is fed twice on the Wednesday before air. If you miss a feed of THE PARKERS you may also order a tape. There is a fee for ordering tape, and THE PARKERS can not be libraried. Paramount Broadcast Services can provide current prices for ordering tape.


THE PARKERS is closed captioned and in stereo.


THE PARKERS is fed with pulled-up blacks; you must re-cue your tape. The episodes are fed with the national spot(s) already integrated.


THE PARKERS is scheduled by Paramount. 91 episodes from the first four seasons become available during the 2003/04 season. THE PARKERS is still in production beyond Season Four.


THE PARKERS is rated by Paramount using the expanded ratings system and includes a TV Ratings icon and any necessary content codes.



Effective 10/20/03, an additional runs strip was added. Some stations have amended their license agreement for ADDITIONAL STRIPPED EPISODES allowing a double run of THE PARKERS Monday through Friday. Stations having a double run must not repeat the Primary episode; they must air both the Primary and the Additional Stripped episodes as delivered. Each of the five weekly THE PARKERS Additional Stripped Episodes is fed twice, one business day before air.


Generic Format (Strip and Weekend)

(7 minutes commercial time; 2 National, 5 Local.)

Act 1




Break 1

Act 2




Break 2

1:01 National


Break 2

2:02 Local

Act 3



Bumbers, Fee Spots (2x10)




Break 3

3:03 Local

End Credits






Total Run Time



Local End Break




Contact List for THE PARKERS Servicing


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Makegoods, preemptions, time changes


Broadcast Services


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