MONTEL WILLIAMS (NON-BARTER) 2008/09 Basic Information


This information is subject to change and was last updated on 07/31/08.


The 2008/09 Season (NON-BARTER Year One) of THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW runs 09/08/08 through 09/04/09. There will be 52 weeks in this season.


THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW is a one-hour show. Current plans are to deliver via Pathfire. There will be one show per day, Monday through Friday, pitched 2 business days before air. The episodes will not contain national commercials.


THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW is closed captioned and in stereo.


Schedules are distributed by CBS TV Distribution.


THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW is rated and includes a TV Ratings icon. The show will usually carry a "TV-PG" rating, but may change according to need.


MONTEL WILLIAMS Generic Format (All Commercial Time Local)

Commercial time will be approximately 14 minutes 30 seconds.

Act 1, Break 1



Act 2, Break 2



Act 3, Break 3



Act 4, Break 4



Act 5, Break 5



Act 6, Break 6



Act 7, Break 7



Act 8






Total Run Time



Episodes will be delivered via Pathfire with the break lengths noted above, but all time is local so

Station may adjust break lengths as needed.


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