CBS Television Distribution Syndication Bible


Following are recent additions and revisions to the Syndication Bible. If you keep hard copies of the title lists, you should reprint and replace any information that has changed. Please note that you can jump directly to the latest changes.


03/18/19 Updates to current network shows and various library shows


03/30/17 Updates to current network shows

  Clarified episode numbering for New Twilight Zone episodes.


05/04/15 Updates to current network shows


04/28/15 Updates to current network shows


04/07/15 Corrections to BARNABY JONES list




02/11/15 Test


01/22/15 Added recent network series




10/07/14 Updated Dynasty, Gunsmoke, High Chaparral, Our Miss Brooks


09/30/14 Updated Mork & Mindy


09/17/14 Updated CSI, Happy Days.


06/10/14 Updated current Network series.


03/19/14 Added Everybody Loves Raymond title list.

  Updates to HD information for multiple series.


01/23/14 Updates to HD information for multiple series.

  Updates to current network series.


01/22/14 HIGH CHAPARRAL added.

  Updates to current network series.


09/10/13 Updates to current network series.

  Updates to HD information Star Trek TNG, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies.


02/21/13 Updates to HD information for Have Gun Will Travel, Star Trek TNG, Gunsmoke.


12/18/12 Title list corrections to LUCY SHOW, BONANZA, PERRY MASON.


09/25/12 Added series HALF & HALF


09/19/12 Updated SOUL FOOD.


06/25/12 Updates to Get Smart!, Mannix.

 Updates to HD information for Bonanza, Gunsmoke/Marshal Dillon, Lucy Show, Perry Mason, Rawhide, Streets of San Francisco, Untouchables, Vega$.

  Updates to current network series.


01/24/12 Updates to HD information for Cheers, Becker, Streets of San Francisco.

  Untouchables, Vega$

  Updates to current network series


11/21/11 Misc. corrections to title lists for 90210, Odd Couple.


08/30/11 Added series Brooklyn Bridge


08/01/11 Updated CSI series

  Updated HD status for Hawaii Five-0, Love Boat, Perry Mason

  Updated notes for Petticoat Junction


05/31/11 Made misc. title corrections to library series


05/20/11 Updated current Network TV series with 2010/11 Season details


12/10/10 Updated Flashpoint


11/23/10 Added Car 54, Where Are You?

  Updated Ghost Whisperer


10/27/10 Corrected Criminal Minds Season 4 title list


10/12/10 Revised Marshal Dillon title list (corrections to some titles and dates)


09/01/10 Revised Twilight Zone title list.


08/17/10 Updated HD details for Perry Mason, Hawaii Five-O, Marshal Dillon, Have Gun Will Travel

  Updated Hawaii Five-O for special Season 1 HD Syndication edit


07/21/10 Updated HD details for CHEERS


06/08/10 Updated title lists for current network series

  Updated HD details for DIAGNOSIS MURDER


05/18/10 Added listing for THE GUARDIAN

  Updated title lists for current network series

  Updated HD details for Marshal Dillon, Have Gun Will Travel