CBS Television Distribution Syndication Bible


The syndication bible contains information on first run series, cash series, barter features and specials, and cash features distributed by Paramount Syndication. The main contents page lists several information topics, plus ‘jumps’ to the first run/barter, features and series sections of the bible.


Please note, this site is an operational resource for TV stations. We do not handle viewer or consumer requests for videotape, and we can not forward questions to actors or production offices. Information on Paramount movies, television shows, and home video can be found at WWW.PARAMOUNT.COM.


A ‘jump’ is most often signified by colored text with a single underline, such as CONTENTS . Simply click on the jump to go to the desired topic.


Information about the terms found in the syndication bible is located in the GLOSSARY .


The SEARCH button allows you to search through the bible two different ways:

·      SEARCH by INDEX will bring up a list of all topics.

·      SEARCH by FIND will create a temporary database of all words in the application. You can use FIND to search for specific titles, as it will pull up every topic containing the word or phrase that you specify. This feature has instructions that will quickly walk you through the process, though it is suggested that you select ‘Maximize search capabilities’ when creating the database. When done, go to Options and select ‘The words you typed in exact order’. This is not necessary, but doing so allows you to search for phrases rather than just single words. Please remember to use lower case for your search requests; capital letters will limit the search. (SEARCH by FIND is not available to Windows 3.1 users.)


You can reach any first/barter package from FIRST RUN/BARTER CONTENTS or by an index search. You can also browse back and forth through the topics. Packages are listed in alphabetical order.


You can reach any film package page from FEATURES CONTENTS or by an INDEX Search. You can also browse back and forth through the topics. Film packages are listed in alphabetical order.


You can reach any series package from SERIES CONTENTS or by an INDEX Search. Series packages are listed in alphabetical order.


The Syndication Bible is updated on a regular basis. The latest revision date for the entire application will be noted at the top of the Contents page. All features and series packages will also note specific revision dates directly beneath the title list for features packages, or on the title page for series packages. This information is provided so you know whether or not the information in a specific package has been revised since the last time you printed a hard copy.


Please contact Paramount CTD/CBS Worldwide Distribution at 212-975-8139 if you have any questions.