DANCE 360 2004/05 Basic Information

This information is subject to change and was last updated on 07/20/04.


The 2004/05 Season (Season 1) of DANCE 360 runs 08/30/04 through 08/26/05. DANCE 360 is only being distributed to the Viacom Stations Group during the first year.


Current plans call for distribution of 65 episodes to be libraried by the station. Stations will follow an air schedule provided by Paramount. Each episode will be fed once via satellite, and stations will use these for the remainder of the season. Five episodes will feed each week on Saturdays beginning 08/14/04.


DANCE 360 is closed captioned and in stereo.


DANCE 360 is rated by Paramount for the TV Ratings system. It will usually be rated TV-G.


DANCE 360 Generic Format (7 minutes commercial time; All Local during Year 1)

Act 1



Break 1

2:02 Local





Act 2



Local Station Plug

:10 Local


Bumper (:03)



Break 2

3:02 Local





Act 3



Local Station Plugs

:20 Local


Bumper (:03)



Break 3

2:02 Local





Act 4



Trade Spots (2 x :10)



End Credits






Total Run time




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