CBS Television Distribution Syndication Bible


This information is subject to change and was last updated 12/10/08.


Please note, this site is an operational resource for TV stations. We do not handle viewer or consumer requests for videotape, and we can not forward questions to actors or production offices. Information on Paramount movies and home video can be found at WWW.PARAMOUNT.COM.


·      SERVICING For servicing of all syndication features and series, including tape delivery, satellite information, usage, runtimes, title lists and timing sheets, contact:


CBS Television Distribution/CWD

Phone 212-975-8139




·      ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION For servicing of all syndication features and series promotions, including synopses, promos, and promo feeds, contact:


CBS Television Distribution Advertising & Promotion

MAIN LINE  310-264-3300

FAX   310-264-3301



ET 818-655-5776 Amy Williams

FRASIER 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa

JUDGE JOE BROWN 310-264-3551 Henry De La Rosa

JUDGE JUDY 310-264-3551 Henry De La Rosa

THE INSIDER 818-655-5776 Amy Williams

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa

MONTEL WILLIAMS 212-708-8291 Henry De La Rosa

ONE ON ONE 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa

STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa


CLASSIC TELEVISION 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa


OFF-NET CASH SERIES 310-264-3365 Henry De La Rosa